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Opportunities for Innovation
and Growth are Hidden in Plain Sight.

by Erich Joachimsthaler

New Opportunities
for Global Growth.

We believe technological innovation will create and advance the oft-called connected world at an ever faster rate. This will bring billions of consumers into the world economy.


Social Networking as a
Significant Force.

We see a significant inflection point in the development of the internet, as a number of major trends are taking shape that could be potentially disruptive for many businesses.


We put the Consumer First

Whether through globalization or through better leveraging of the changes in technology, we believe growth comes from identifying opportunities from
the Outside-In, not the inside out.


Demand first Innovation and Growth

Our approach and methodology to growth from the outside-in.

You don’t get results from solving problems but from identifying and exploiting opportunities.

John Naisbutt, Futurist
Global Reach
Vivaldi Partners Group

Consists of a unique portfolio of three businesses focused on helping companies to achieve new growth, build strong brands, design game-changing innovation playbooks, design products, services and experiences, connect with customers and consumers through marketing and communications, incubate social technologies, and leverage social initiatives and networks enterprise-wide.

With our strategic consulting business, Vivaldi Partners, we bring these capabilities together with the talents of highly qualified teams of consultants, researchers, strategists and experienced executives from many different sectors and industries. >> Learn More

Fifth Season is a creative powerhouse that orchestrates and produces innovative, engaging branded experiences. We allow businesses to connect with their audiences and create entire new business models based on the strength of these new relationships. Fifth Season operates at the crossroads of demand insights, business strategy, design, and technology. >> Learn More

Within E-Edge, our third business, we deliver change management programs, deliver brand innovation or marketing management capability programs, workshops and executive education programs through very experienced facilitators, academics and educators. >> Learn More